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The healing time for a tattoo depends on various factors, such as the size, location, and aftercare of the tattoo. Generally the outer layer of skin will heal within 2 to 3 weeks, but the deeper layers may take up to 4 months to fully recover. Tattoo aftercare products can help prevent dryness, peeling, and itching, and speed up the healing process. It is important to follow instructions of the tattoo artist and avoid any complications that may prolong the healing.

As long as you go to a reputable artist that is following all recommended safety precautions, getting a tattoo is perfectly safe. Make sure you’re fully honest about any medical conditions.

Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. We’re not going to kid you, though it does hurt. Just not that much. Some have compared it to a “hot scratching feeling.” But, people would not be returning again and again for tattoo after tattoo if it hurt that bad. Most of us are not into pain, but the beauty of the tattoo and the pride associated with wearing it far outweighs a little pin-stick here and there.


When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will charge very little. But, look for quality, and be willing to pay for it. Never haggle over the price of a tattoo. It is disrespectful to the artist. Think of it this way: This is a piece of art you’ll wear for life.

Although you can get a tattoo any time of the year, your skin gets a lot more abuse during the summer with swimming, tanning, and just being exposed to the elements more. Winter time is really the best season to get a tattoo.

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